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Someone once told me that at least 100 hands touched each cigar in the making. I found that hard to believe until we started growing our own tobacco and rolling our own cigars. The process, much like making a fine wine, takes patience and time.

The cigar seed is planted in nursery beds where it will grow to about 5" tall. At this stage, it is carefully hand planted in the field and tended to on a daily basis to ensure it has plenty of water and is pest and weed free.

Once the leaves flower, they are then handpicked from the bottom leaves up. These leaves tend to be larger and make a good wrap.

Once they are picked, they are then hand strung, 25 leaves per bundle, and left to hang dry or cure. This process can take up to eight weeks or so.

Once cured, the leaves are then fermented. Fermenting the leaves is what makes the leaves a premium product and every cigar maker has their own secret for the fermentation process. To ferment the leaves, the leaves are stacked into "bulks" which are three layers deep. The middle layer gives off heat and once the temperature of the bulk reaches 115-130 degrees, the layers are rotated. This process continues until the bulk stops giving off heat or "sweating". The sweating process releases nitrogen and other chemical compounds as well as lowers the level of nicotine.

After the fermentation process has been completed, the tobacco leaves are then baled and allowed to age. Once aged, the leaves are hand sorted and the center stems stripped. From this point, the leaves can be sorted into filler or wrap for the making of the cigar.

I am not sure how many hands have touched the cigar up to the rolling begins. but I can believe that 100 may be accurate after all!

The final product, however, is one of the best smokes you will ever have. A smooth, flavorful, aromatic smoke that is 67% Finca Genizaro Cuban seed and the rest Jalapa Valley Cuban seed tobacco from Esteli. (with either a light, creamy Connecticut wrapper or a dark and oily Habana wrapper)

The binder is a high quality Indonesian leaf to control the burn and to add some strength and subtle but important aromas to the final cigar.

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